Constitutional Conservatism

Our rights are being constantly eroded by government.

We need to fight back before it's too late!

Illegal is illegal

If you are here illegally, then YES – you are breaking the law.

We need to be tough on illegal immigration

10th Amendment

State Legislatures have been fighting back against Federal overreach.

Colorado needs to be a LEADER in this fight!

Business Regulations

Get rid of government regulations that kill small businesses.

Right to Work

You should never be forced to join a labor union to get or keep a job.

Public Employee Unions should not collect membership dues through

our taxpayer funded payroll system to spend on political campaigns

Business Tax Phase-Out

Phase out the Business Personal Property Tax.

Lower the Income Tax for Colorado businesses and citizens.

Cut Taxes

Cut government spending so we can lower taxes.

Put the teeth back into the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR)

School Choice for Parents

It's a basic parental freedom to choose where your kids go to school.

The government shouldn't limit the choices for your kids.

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